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Spare parts for machinery and equipment

We produce spare parts for machinery and equipment:

- cones to mechanical log splitters
- wedges for hydraulic log splitters
- machine knives for wood, plastic, recycling and paper,
- Knives for chippers,
- Knives for grinders,
- Knives for granulators,

Individual orders

Our company is open to any kind of cooperation, involving the elements of the client's specific requirements.

Orders for non-standard parts are realized on the basis of the supplied documentation, design, etc. We are also open to suggestions connected with production of finished products. We offer assistance at the stage of design through the development of technology, manufacturing and production.

If you are interested in our offer, please send your drawings or designs of parts so that we can make you a comprehensive commercial offer.

The company "REDMET" is the dealer or point of Sponsorship many in the industry dominant global companies such as: