Round balers, rakes, bale wrappers

Tractor rake ZG-012Z

Rake is used for mechanical grabbing  dry grass and turning it into the so-called bales, to allow it to dry up quickly and get picked up manually or mechanically.



  • Working width: 2500 mm
  • Number of springs: 12
  • Operating speed: 8.4 km / h
  • PTO: 540 rpm / min
  • Power requirement: min. 18-50 hp
  • Dimensions: 2100x250x950 mm
  • Weight: 165 kg

Round baler

Press round baler PRB-50S and 61S-PRB Round baler

The only one capable of  using  natural hemp twine, which in contrast to the plastic strings does not cause serious threats when eaten. Natural hemp cord is rapidly decaying and decomposing when combined with manure.

Hay, haylage and silage

Round baler rolls  all kinds of materials of hay and straw, haylage and silage, and vines.

 Compact bales

User-friendly compact bales, where you can set your preferred weight, easy to carry, set the bales to between 20kg and 50kg (depending on material)

Easy to use

Round baler has its own hydraulic pump and reservoir which makes it independent of the tractor and easy to use.

Roll bales sooner or later

Capable of rolling  almost wet bales with  moisture content of up  to 60%. Which means that if you need to, you can bale so early - as in March, or as late - as in November.

Hydraulic throwing balls

The hydraulic drive unit opens the gate without connecting the hose to the tractor and the finished bale is ejected.

Automatic twining system

The fully automatic system launches  the sound system and wraps the bale with cord when it is finished. The number of windings can be easily set from 8 to 10.

Steel retractor pressure

Highly durable reels are adapted to the pressure system. Power fluctuations are smaller than in hay round baler. You can expect a stable and quiet operation.

Easy to wear, a small bale/

The size is: fi 50 cm / 70 cm and fi 61cm / 70 inches which makes them easy to carry. The density of the bale compression can be easily set up to eight different levels using the setting screw.


Round baler PRB-50S

Round baler PRB-70S

Power demand


20-60 km

Bale diameter

fi 500 cm - 700 mm / L - 800 mm

fi 700 mm / L - 700 mm 

Working width

85 cm

85 cm


80-120 bales/h

80-120 bales/h

Driving speed

2-5 km/h

2-5 km/h


540 RPM

540 RPM


1200x1350x1280 mm

1300x1360x1380 mm


404 kg

452 kg

Bale wrapper BW-500


Wrapper BW-500 is designed for use with our mini rolling presses.

Wraps mini bales smoothly and quickly. It can be used independently from the tractor.

Easy to use engine

BW-500 Wrapping machine is equipped with an engine of 2.0HP thanks to which bale wrapping can be done anywhere. In addition, the handle and mounted wheel allow  for easy transport.

Stable operation through aluminum rollers

Cylindrical rollers stretch the film correctly and uniformly, so that to produce high-quality s wrapped silage.

Wrapping system - Auto-stop

When  packing has  reached a certain value, the system will  automatically stop rotation of the table. Number pack can be set to 2/4/6 layers with insertion.


  • Size of bale: 40x50 cm and 60-80 cm
  •  film width: 50 cm
  • ability to customize the size of the bale
  •  number of wrapped bales: 1 pc.
  • turnover of the table: 20-40 rev / min
  • Engine: Subaru 1.5 h (2.0 HP) Gasoline
  • Dimensions 150 x 87 x 103 cm
  • Weight. 85 kg.

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