About us

From the beginning, we specialize in designing and manufacturing machines for grinding wood biomass.
Our offer is addressed to individual customers and companies which deal with wood processing.

In our production offer you can find:
- Tapered mechanical splitting for preparing firewood
- Shredders for shredding wood biomass
- Cones (heads) for log splitters
- Knives for chippers and shredders

In September 2009, we started importing machinery and equipment from Western Europe. So we could extend our offer of a range of new machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry.

And our offer includes:
- Splitting hydraulic pressure from 5 - 37 tons, for splitting firewood and meter long logs (stationary with an electric and internal combustion motor, mobile hooked-up to tractor)
- Grinders for utilization of branch and carpentry waste
- Hammer mills for biomass (straw, hay, grain and other materials)
- Palleting press (granulators) - the so-called. Pelleting machines

At the beginning of 2010, our offer was extended to include a new range of agricultural products which include:
- Accessories for mini tractors: flail mowers, mulchers, flail mowers with a basket, rotary mowers, hoes, excavators, plows, front loaders "TUR", snow plows, trailers, mounted trails, soil drills, etc.
- Construction equipment: compactors, rammers, articulated diesel, motor pumps, power generators, drills, mini excavators and loaders
- Accessories for minitractors

Since the end of 2010, our offer has included both new and used tractors of such brands as Mahindra, DongFeng, KUBOTA, ISEKI.

We are constantly increasing our offers and introducing new products, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, call us and we will get it for you.

Most of our products we import directly from the manufacturers so you will buy them at the best price with us!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

The company "REDMET" is the dealer or point of Sponsorship many in the industry dominant global companies such as: